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yolo.daemon (excerpts, no audio)

Experimental film

In progress

***Warning: sequences contain flashing lights and strobing frame rates and is not reccomended for those with photosensitivity or epilepsy***

The film employs data-moshing and greenscreen techniques to explore relationships among millennial culture, occult mysticism, and forged identities within hypercommodified, networked capitalism. The film depicts a demon (living his best life) who finds an altar in the woods. After taking multiple selfies and pouring a sacrificial Whiteclaw onto the altar, the demon experiences a psychedelic vision quest via datamoshed images of royalty free stock images and demons from B 1980s horror films. Along the way, he is guided by a bacchanalian diety who parties eternally, donning his signature pit viper sunglasses, and fundamentally transforming his perception of material reality.

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