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Visions of Mona

digital video, B&W 3:33


A ranch hand in fetish fashion pink gallops through the desert on an early morning high. Ancient monoliths, carcass entropy, fractalizing spirits. Vision quests that tear a hole. A phantasmagoria of trash video illuminates the Western canopy. Below it, the lone rider reaches light speed. The lizard’s tale flicks around the corner into sight.


Constructed from layers of archival film, retro videogames, and generic stock footage, Visions of Mona uncannily combines pop culture fragments to imagine a desert vision quest. In a glitchy, looping vignette, Lohmeyer draws upon Eastern philosophies and glitch aesthetics to explore spirituality in the weirdness of late capitalism and a culture inundated by images, data, and algorithms. Here, Lohmeyer employs collage practices and the materiality of video to consider lived experience as a continuously fractalizing bundle of experiences, thoughts, and feelings that reflects impermanence through a digitally fabricated world.

Exhibited at:

Fractal: Order in Chaos, Platform 101, Tehran, Iran. October 2022. Invited exhibition.

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