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Topographia Chlorophobia

Digital video, corrupted and layered N64 games


Designed specifically for Fairgrounds in St. Petersburg, FL, Topographia Chlorophobia is a three-channel video work that explores the relationship among natural and human-made landscapes, focusing on the material excitations that exist within natural and computational ecologies. Here, Nintendo 64 games have been corrupted and meticulously arranged in mask layers. The layers are played in continual loops of glitch patterns. A virtual camera hovers and zooms in upon each channel to reveal uncanny arrangements of pixels, tiles, and color palettes. The video channels are accompanied by a soundscape of birds, flowing water, and electrical noise played in surround sound. These strange energies that exist below the surface of game worlds are designed to resemble aerial views and satellite imagery of the Everglades through fragmented rivers, deltas, and swamplands, playfully exploring tensions among Florida as an ecological paradise and commercial hub for simulation and tourism industries.

Permanent Collections:

Fairgrounds St. Pete, St. Petersburg, FL

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