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Super Metroid: Nightmare Edition 

Interactive video game installation

Preserved Doritos and Cheetos, pill bottles, crushed cans, toy pizza, broken controller, conductive paint, Arduino, Super Metroid.


Super Metroid: Nightmare Edition allows onlookers to interfere with a player’s experience of Super Metroid (1994) by touching sculptural objects, in turn, manipulating technical attributes of the game: game speed, background and sprite layers, and transparency levels using a microcontroller programmed for hyper-sensitive capacitive touch. Through these dynamics, this work explores how the spatial and social dimensions of play unfold from a de-centering of the player through the presence spectators are afforded in being able to interfere with and technically disrupt the game in real-time. Here, spectators and players generate glitch patterns through embodied, haptic experiences. More so, the installation explores the co-situated interaction among onlookers and player, and the undermining (or conversely, facilitating) of play to deconstruct conventional understandings of expert play, particularly a central player’s mastery, gratification, and flow within a game.

Exhibited at:


Visual Art Exchange, Depth, Raleigh, NC, January 2017.

Situation Critical, Kings, Raleigh, NC, December 2016.

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