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Studies for Transmigration

Digital video (three channels), 2023, 3:18 

Studies for Transmigration employs mixed media, expanded collage practices, video, and mask making to explore processes of spiritual transformation within the strangeness of late capitalism. Drawing from conversations in Buddhism, Taoism, and other Eastern philosophies, the work explores questions related to what it means to look for spiritual enlightenment in a culture inundated by images, data, and algorithms that continually persuade us to shape and forge new kinds of bodily subjectivities and identities. Constructed in the shape of giant Tarot cards, Studies for Transmigration consists of  spiritual identities via different video channels. Through collage practices, these entities portray the body as a continuously fractalizing bundle of experiences, thoughts, and feelings that is impermanent through the manifestation of digitally and manually constructed iterations of self.

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