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Stanley Kubrick Filmography

Digital video, 2:46 

Frame slices taken at one second intervals from Kubrick’s entire filmography


Stanley Kubrick Filmography questions our perception of traditional cinema when its temporal and spatial dimensions become augmented by computational processes. Here, a slice from the middle of frames sampled from all of Kubrick’s films have been arranged in chronological order and looped in an on-going animation. Modes of viewing have been structured by the technical conditions of film: optical transmissions of light through photographic processes, stroboscopic effects of images projected in rapid succession, and viewing such images in a darkened theater where attention is diverted to the surface of a screen. Yet, as with the abstractions of data in Stanley Kubrick Filmography, when a computer arranges thousands of film frames into slices, we are able to observe time and space through a type of machinic perception. This film considers how data extracted from a film at once offers new and unexpected ways of looking, while defamiliarizing modes of knowledge production that underlie the perception and understanding of cinema.

Exhibited at: 


Strange Media, Ground Level Platform, Chicago, IL, November-December 2019. 

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