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Scrolling Landscape

Multi-channel video installation, corrupted NES games


Scrolling Landscape is a multi-channel video work that explores the relationship among nostalgia and our perception of technologically mediated landscapes. Situated across multiple projections and screens, each channel is created by appropriating footage of speedruns from retro videogames and then editing together their scrolling gameworlds into a continuously unfolding vista. These landscapes are corrupted using glitch techniques to generate psychedelic abstractions that rapidly accelerate through two-dimensional space. Scrolling Landscape envisions childhood nostalgia for video gameplay as an imaginary environment separated from the mundane in which certain desires and sensory pleasures are taken up within spaces of play. Through the viewer’s interfacing with these sublime visions of technology, the film serves to challenge established genres of “landscape” painting within histories of art as well as embodied reception of scrolling motion in videogames.

Exhibited at:

Post-Meta, Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach, FL. August-September 2021.

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