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Meat Gauntlet

Interactive video game installation


Refuse wood, graphite-based paint, Bare Conductive touchboard, Gauntlet


Meat Gauntlet allows two players to control an emulated cabinet of the two-person German version of the classic arcade hit Gauntlet (1985) by drawing onto large wooden triangles. Each triangle indicates a separate control mechanism from the cabinet and players use graphite sticks to draw onto the wooden surfaces covered in graphite-based paint. The control scheme for each set of wooden surfaces is intentionally jumbled so controlling your avatar with any accuracy is extremely difficult. This work explores the ways we habituate comfortable and pleasurable gameplay through defamiliarzing standard game peripherals into controllers that are awkward, frustrating, and non-ergonomic.

Exhibited at:


Altercade at Extending Play 3, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, October 2016.

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