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Light sculpture

LEGO building blocks, ultra-black pigment, Lightform projector


Displacement is a light sculpture that challenges human perceptions of shadow and value, time and space, the material and immaterial. Constructed out of approximately 10,000 LEGO bricks painted in ultra-black pigment and with a Ganzfeld color sequence projection mapped upon its façade, Displacement seeks to embody forms witnessed in the vastness of deep space. Here the sculpture manifests itself through a multiplicity of paradoxes. An animated field of color becomes the shadow of the object while shadows embody the sculptural form. Through its continual cycles, a shadow of color is simultaneously cast behind and on the surface of the LEGOs, producing something that is tangible and material, yet at once dissipating and ungraspable. 

Exhibited at:


Ground Level Platform, Strange Media, Chicago, IL, November-December 2019.

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