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Deep Time in a Lossless Sea

Interactive video

*Walkthrough documentation*


Designed using New Art City platform for a residency with Six Minutes Past Nine.


Bits squirm in union

and dance in a lossless sea

yet no one watches


Deep Time in a Lossless Sea is an interactive work constructed within New Art City that questions knowledge frameworks of time through Eastern philosophies. Regarding time as a relative human construct, Lohmeyer instead imagines a field of immanence in which all possibilities of time—human, computational, cinematic, animal—exist on their own autonomy without origin or end. Within New Art City, these concepts are imagined through the metaphor of a black hole whose gravity devours media artifacts: GIFs, low poly models, compressed Mp4s. Through glitchy aesthetics, these artifacts exist in continual impermanence, morphing from one corruption to the next. As the user passes through this void, they reach a pulsing core where time expands into nothing (and everything!).

The work can be explored here.

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