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Computer-Generated Imagery, 1908

Interactive installation

Broken computer monitors, glitch patterns, Arduino, MadMapper


Computer-Generated Imagery, 1908 is an interactive installation that utilizes projection-mapping to animate sequences of continually-evolving glitch patterns. Each pattern is a corrupted video file of Emile Cohl’s animated film Fantasmagorie (1908). These animations are projected in layers onto the walls and screens of three “dead” computer monitors. When participants touch the circuit board pattern on the wall, they cause the projected patterns to slowly rewind, fast-forward, or reset in their respective loops, producing an on-going field of generated patterns. These animations pay homage to the absurd transformations of line and shape witnessed in Emile Cohl’s hand-drawn animated film. By evoking Cohl’s animations on the familiar interface of older CRT monitors, I consider the ways in which our experience of interactive media technologies indicates a return to earlier animation practices. That is to say, the vitality of forms within the animated image—whether in old or new modes of production—engages the senses through technical illusions and plays of movement.

Exhibited at:


Visual Art Exchange, Computer-Generated Imagery, 1908, Raleigh, 2018-2019.

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