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Chimera (In progress)

Digital animation, 5:22


Chimera is an experimental animation that explores relationships among posthumanism, spiritual transcendence, and speculative coexistence among human and nature. Using layers of composited found footage, retro videogames, AI, and glitch aesthetics, Lohmeyer imagines a future in which human DNA has reached a singularity with the natural world, proliferating an ecosystem in which animal, plant, and fungi have evolved into a landscape inseparable from organism.  A strange chimeric eye dances among breathing terrain in which mycelium and neuron merge as one. Through these speculative fictions, Lohmeyer questions a future in which genetic engineering proliferates a convergence of human and environment at once beautiful and grotesque. Is this chimeric eye a blissful form of consciousness or a pervasive specie of surveillance and control?   

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