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Altar of the Bargain Bin

Video installation, glitched anime, B-horror films, educational films, empty PC game boxes


Altar of the Bargain Bin is a projection mapped sculpture that serves as an occult altar constructed from a forgotten cultural trope: cheap, mass-produced PC box games that might have once been found in a typical department store bargain bin. These precariously stacked boxes serve as a kind of physical, tangible glitch; rather, fragmented pop culture forms that mirror the frenetic video patterns overlayed onto their surfaces. Drawing from data moshed anime, retro videogames, horror film trailers, and occult imagery, these projected sequences, and the physical forms they correspond to, simultaneously elicit an intensive hysteria as well as ennui for the mass commodification of cheaply made, bargain PC titles.

Exhibited at:

Post/Meta, Arts Warehouse, Delray Beach, FL., August-September 2021.

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