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A Wicked Feeling

Experimental machinima Video


A Wicked Feeling is an experimental machinima filmed in real-time within the survival horror game Outlast (Red Barrels Studio, 2013).By incorporating glitch and archival footage into the game footage, the film attempts to defamiliarize our interaction with first-person gameplay by confusing elements of control within and movement throughout the 3D gamespace. Within these kaleidoscopic and fractured gamespaces, affective sensations are generated through a flow of images—the point-of-view perspective filmed within the game engine and images layered over gameplay—which result in an uncanniness; a synesthetic encounter, a shock that exceeds preconceived thought of interactive gaming within the survival horror genre. In A Wicked Feeling, this affective experience emerges from a space between recognition and sensation, cognition and visceral experience, perplexity and control.

Exhibited at:

CHAT Festival: Circuits, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, March 2016.


Visual Art Exchange, Our Own Terms, Raleigh, NC, September-October 2016.

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